The right message at
the right time.

Use funnels and automate messaging to drive traffic all the way through to conversion


When potential customers use your site or application, they may get confused. Tracking funnels help you identify where people drop off so you can increase your conversion rates.
"Targeting the right people at each stage of the funnel was always so complicated, now with Sython, it's done automatically. This ensures that I only send messages at the right time to help each person all the way through to conversion."

Automated Messaging

Based on where your lead is in the funnel, you can build message sequences that educate, encourage and resonate with them, drawing them through the funnel towards conversion.
"Exporting and importing mailing lists from tool to tool was a cumbersome task, now Sython makes it easy by automating everything from lead to user"

Introducing Sython

Funnels + Automated Messaging

Funnels are a way to visually measure how customers move through any series of events, coupling with messaging means you can move that person through the funnel more effectively.


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